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Put God Back In Your Life.

It’s truly amazing how fast people conform to the ways of social media and how we do so without question or reason other than the fact that everyone else is doing it. Prime example would be ‪#‎wcw‬ or ‪#‎tbt‬ or any others out there. Similar to the way a little kid is so faithful and so quick to believe and act on something, we conform to the ways of social media. What if we could get people to conform to something WORTHWHILE. Something worth practicing and something worth believing in. The morals of today’s people are quickly vanishing. We follow social media so much that it turns our lives into their so called “lives” and we think it’s what were supposed to do. It’s human nature. But what if we could change what the younger generations look up to? If we put God into social media and it became as popular as Kim Kardashian or Snooki, what kind of effect would it have on the population? It would be astronomical. The problem is that most everyone out there is too scared to voice their Christian beliefs because their social media “friends” shoot them down and throw awful names at them relentlessly. We all need to wake up. We have just as much right to voice our beliefs as they do and take back charge of the country that was founded UNDER GOD and a world and universe that was created by HIM.

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